July to July // Update November

143/365 - the night is full of colours

Is it already December? I think November was the fastest month of this year with only December waiting to top it. It was also the month, which saw the winter and the Christmas season coming, although it started Septemberish-warm... But bit by bit the cold came and now it really is winter.

Last week, the Christmas markets opened and the people started to decorate their windows with lights and Christmas stuff. I love the contrast between all these illuminations and the grave looking trees and the overall dark and grey atmosphere. I can already smell the mulled wine and the Christmas cookies - hello December! Wish you all a wonderful one!!!

124/365 - into the woods

126/365 - red roses

128/365 - late autumn

134/365 - end of the season

135/365 - autumnal reflection

136/365 - a warm november night

140/365 - Rush Hour

141/365 - on a cold winter's night

144/365 - winter's pattern

142/365 - november trees

146/365 - Sunday evening

147/365 - Christmas market lights

149/365 - lamps

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My first memory of the fallen wall is a drive to Berlin with my parents, all excited and in high spirits, but then the memory blurs again as it is with childhood memories, only hot spots of the past. My next real encounter with this part of history was years later in India. Someone learned that I was from Germany and told me he remembered very clearly when his whole village sat together before a TV watching the live news from Berlin not knowing what would come of it. This was the first time I really realised how big and at the same time small this world really is - how we are all here together.

Last weekend in Berlin was special. Very.

When I opened my pictures after this weekend, at first I was disappointed since I had had other expectations. But looking through them, bit by bit, I realised they were exactly what I felt and saw. Surreal, colourful, emotional, blurred.

July to July // Update October

114/365 - into the rain

Although I chose the raindrops picture to open this post (because it's my favourite from this month), October was everything but rainy or grey. It was a real golden October here in Berlin, almost to warm for this kind of month. For my 365pictures project this month was therefor a very easy-going one. With all these beauties lying in the streets, you can imagine, I needed not search for a picture very long. And I developped a kind of autumn leaves obsession...

Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful November!

113/365 - dead leaf

108/365 - Martin-Gropius-Bau

102/365 - the days are getting shorter

94/365 - autumn

115/365 - room with a view

121/365 - Monolith

100/365 - colours in the rain

96/365 - the leaves are falling

97/365 - Panta rhei

111/365 - a Sunday stroll through Berlin

118/365 - winter is coming

119/365 - sunset

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part of the project so far.