Bye, bye Scotland!

Driving through the Highlands is like you were soaked into a history book. One that also contains fairy tales.

With these pictures I say "Goodbye" and "See you soon" to Scotland which stole a piece of my heart. A very large piece.

Eilean Donan, you old beauty!

I don't doubt that this is one of the most often photographed buildings in Scotland.

Gone centuries never felt so near as when looking at this castle while the evening fog rolled in over the blue-green mountains.

July to July // update

Summer in the city
[Summer in the city or view into a Berlin "Hinterhof" - I think it is looking a tad Expressionistic...]

The first month of taking a picture every day is over. It's indeed really challenging to get a picture (that satisfies me at least a bit) every day. There are days when I just walk and see and click and it's almost going by itself and I love almost every bit of it. Then there are those days when nothing really works and almost every picture sucks. But for me that's also part of this project - learning to accept this and work with it, or against it.

I've chosen some of the pictures I liked best from my July to show you here.
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summer rain
[it rained so heavily sometimes and was so warm that Berlin felt almost tropical]

a midsummer night's dream
[a pop-up summer picnic with lampions and light-juggler]

Before the match
[view from the Siegessäule over the Fanmeile two hours before the World Cup Finals]
[PS: I see faces - do you?]

[meditative spinning wheel]

Whatever happened to E.T.?
[a window somewhere in Berlin Schöneberg - now I know what became of E.T.]

Summer Sunday evening
[a lazy Sunday evening at a beer garden]

21/365 - I see faces.
[no words needed, just to cute, these old VW busses...]
[by the way, I see faces again. It is smiling...]

23/365 - Berlin sky tonigh
[for this picture I didn't have to leave the house, just leaning wide out of the window - a favourite :) ]

25/365 - eye, mirror, lens
[just before leaving work - luckily, no colleagues came in ... ;-) ]

26/365 - Sunset
[standing in front of my grandparents' house and watching the sun go down over the village - a perfect moment]

28/365 - Groszer oder Stiller Ozean
[I always look if the globe is still there when I pass this antique shop on my way home ... one day...]

29/365 - Heavy rain today
[and rain again - looks like a jungle, not Berlin]

31/365 - Berliner Flure
[there's a new series coming...]

33/365 - Lightning over the Autobahn
[I stood on a bridge at the Berlin autobahn and captured my first lightning.]
[Oh, and I see faces, again!]