Desktop wallpaper // march

(1920 x 1280)

For this month I chose a Berlin summer sunset from last year to inspire the oncoming spring... 

You can download it for free by right-clicking and saving or you can download it on my Flickr.
Have a wonderful month!

Into the Black Forest

One of my favourite fairy tales of my childhood was Wilhelm Hauff's "The Cold Heart". It's set in the Black Forest and it is a very dark, moody tale about a kind-hearted young man in love with a girl but too poor to marry her. In the course of the story he sells his heart to a giant that lives in the depth of the forest and in return becomes so rich that he can marry his love. But now he has no heart to feel and he gets more and more callous. But, yes, in the end it all gets sorted and they live happily ever after. I loved this tale especially the parts in the forest with all the creatures and its darkness. It really coined my idea of this enormous, dark forest in the mountains located in the South of Germany. Ok, and also the Black Forest Cake my grandma makes sometimes. :-)

So for me it always was something very mystical and sweetly scary. Full of the Brothers' Grimm, full of goblins, pixies, dwarfs, giants, fairies and witches. All these in the depth of the forest, where the sun is unable to reach the ground because the fir trees are so high and thick, and the shades of green are dark and blue and emerald. And where you as a human only get around if you know the place very well or if you are a lost wanderer.

We decided to be wanderers guided by maps and set out to explore on a warm summer's day. And when you get deeper and deeper into this forest you come to understand why it fuelled the imagination of the people through all times. The trees have ears and every now and then you have the feeling that the whole forest is watching you very carefully...

July to July // Update January

196/365 - ghosts of Berlin

I like January a lot. At its best, it is a month full of motivation and prospects. The year lies still ahead and everything seems possible...

Maybe this is why February and March often have only a minor chance to enter my hitlist... resolutions begin to crumble, everyday life gets dull again, you are fed up with winter... just until spring jumps around the corner to save you!

My January highlight was a short trip to the Baltic Sea, like last year (I posted about it here: click). Contrary to last year there was no snow but loooooads of sun and almost springlike temperatures. Again I brought tons of pictures, which I will show you in a separate post. But before that I have still pictures from France and Italy from last year to show you. I also did a portrait shoot with my sister and I'm working on my portfolio, which I also can't wait to show you.
Oh, and the other highlight of January : the days are getting noticeably longer! Yes! Finally more light to take pictures!
But for now, here are my January-Favourites and as you can see, less light seems to result in more self-shots and much bokeh. :)

185/365 - Café

205/365 - my beautiful laundrette

193/365 - solitude

194/365 - portrait of a camera

200/365 - Fire by the beach

202/365 - Wolgast

199/365 - Hotel selfie

207/365 - Kaiserdamm

211/365 - reflections

214/365 - the beauty of decay

212/365 - at home

198/365 - Pier

The whole album is on Flickr: click
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