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Have a great September!

(picture: Black Forest, 2014, analogue)

July to July // Update August

60/365 - Hydrangea
[at home]

The second month of my 365 pictures project is over and I have to admit it's not getting easier. I made a list with some "fallback"-ideas, which may come in handy - and you can imagine that this list was longer at the beginning of the project. And I'm also not sure what will happen to this project during my holidays, which are soon to start *yeay*. This project is only allowed to challenge me, not to stress me out :) But I'm still enjoying it very much and that's important. It's great to look back and see these pictures and see how I was able to freeze some moments of my life.

53/365 - Evening
[a Friday evening]

52/365 - Summer in the city
[summer said Goodbye ]

39/365 - Überlin
[opening of the Überlin coworking space and photographic studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin -
this space is the idea of James and Zoë, a wonderful couple, who also write a blog about how they see Berlin as expats.
If you like a good read about Berlin peppered with a good portion of English humour and lovely people, check it out!]

57/365 - still life
[still life]

38/365 - opening "10" exhibition, Berghain
[Berghain exhibition "10"]

50/365 - how my computer sees me
[this is how my computer sees me]

51/365 - Citylights
[lights of the city]

40/365 - Hello!
[Hello! I made a new friend!]

41/365 - Feed me, Seymour
[and took care of an old one.]

The whole album is on Flickr: click

And here are the
part of the project so far.

Bye, bye Scotland!

Driving through the Highlands is like you were soaked into a history book. One that also contains fairy tales.

With these pictures I say "Goodbye" and "See you soon" to Scotland which stole a piece of my heart. A very large piece.