Desktop Wallpaper // July

Then followed that beautiful season… Summer….
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

(1920 x 1280 - you can download it for free by right-clicking and saving or you can download it on my Flickr. )

July to July // Update May

332/365 - and then it was SUMMER <3

And then it was finally summer!

Berlin is so beautiful on these long evenings where you can sit in a café, on a lake, in a park or on your balcony and have a cold white wine, talking the hours away in good company. It has always been my favourite season to be in Berlin. The city is a bit more relaxed and slower now and especially in the long vacations in July and August. That's why I rather choose to go on holiday before or after the Berlin summer. And that's what I did in May! I went to Norderney, a beautiful island in the Northwest of Germany. And - inspired by the ocean - I started to take windsurfing lessons when I was back home. One day I will buy my camera a waterproof thing and take her with me on the Wannsee, but before that I have to be able to stay on the board and get not blown away with the wind... 

As you can see my May was a bit water-weather-related :) Here are my favourites of this month - only one to go with my 365pictures project - whohooo!

317/365 - Berlin <3

331/365 - selfie in a frame

307/365 - hydrangea love

328/365 - weeping angels

330/365 - behind the curtain

326/365 - on the terrace

333/365 - Saturday morning at the Wannsee

313/365 - Spatzenbaden

309/365 - Symmetry

308/365 - before the thunderstorm

322/365 - fancy a swim?

324/365 - me by the sea

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Desktop Wallpaper // June

(1920 x 1280)

Have a wonderful June with long summer evenings, pink sunsets and your favourite people!